Treble NLS


Meet Treble NLS, a multifaceted producer based in Pittsburgh, PA. Treble found humble beginnings at Center Of Life’s KRUNK movement, which showed him the possibilities of building his life around creativity. Dedicated to the human experience, Treble targets the hearts of his audience in hopes of liberating the soul from the mind’s cage. 


Through the acronym NLS, Treble hopes to inspire his community to Never Lose Sight of what’s possible. Treble pushes himself creatively to ensure his next thing is his best thing. Starting out as a rapper, Treble later turned to producing to give him free rein to tackle any creative project he has his eyes on. With the acronym also meaning Next Level Shit, Treble takes pride in the quality and intention behind everything he does. 


Treble currently works as the head teaching artist for 1Hood Media; a collective of artists and activists who utilize their medium to raise awareness and build liberated communities. He also has his own clothing line titled REJECT; a brand dedicated to providing light work fashion that elevates your look and vibrations.

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