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I feel it necessary to point out that this is in no way encouraging a lack of accountability. To REJECT Guilt is simply to REJECT suffering from the feeling of guilt. We must remain accountable for how we show up, but at some point we must also release guilt to make space for changed behavior. Guilt is a normal emotion that can come up when we do things we believe to be "bad" or "wrong". A simple way to REJECT guilt would be to avoid doing bad things completely, but as human beings we are bound to make mistakes making that simple solution not entirely realistic. Luckily there are a lot of healthy and more realistic ways to REJECT Guilt. 


REJECT Guilt Through Affirmations:

This part is important. One of the many keys that will help you REJECT guilt is to know that even when you do bad things, you aren't a bad person. Affirmations help us keep a grip on useful truths, so here the point is to affirm your worth so that even YOU can't get it confused. Sometimes our feeling of guilt comes from how someone else perceived our thoughts, words, actions, or lack thereof. It's important to have truths you can lean on that can't be swayed by someone else's projection of guilt. Below you'll find some truths you can start off with. Don't worry if they aren't true for you just yet. Another purpose of affirmations is to aid us in developing more helpful mindsets. Everything starts with a thought:

  • My feelings are valid. 
  • I am not what I think. 
  • Only I can define who I am at the core. 
  • I can control what I think, say, and do. 
  • I am deserving of love. 
  • It's ok to be wrong sometimes. 
  • I am open to learning. 
  • My mistakes are an opportunity to learn. 
  • I am open to what failure has to teach me. 
  • Emotion can flow freely through me. 
  • I enjoy expanding my boundaries. 
  • I communicate my needs clearly. 
  • I experience balance in my relationships. 
  • I am a divine expression of the infinite whole. 


REJECT Guilt Through Journaling:

Journaling can give us a fresh perspective. It gives us the opportunity to dig a little deeper on certain topics. The more we uncover about what hinders us, the easier it is to REJECT. Here are some journaling prompts you could utilize to REJECT guilt:

  • Write about a time you felt guilt. 
  • In what ways does guilt hinder me?
  • How can I more easily release guilt? 
  • Do I ever feel guilty for feeling? Why or why not?
  • Can a feeling be bad? Why or why not?
  • How can I better accept my feelings for what they are?


REJECT Guilt With Your Body:

When we feel guilt, we are experiencing a physical reaction to our thoughts. That means that we can't REJECT guilt with our mind alone. We have to get our body involved in the healing process as well. Here are some ways to REJECT Guilt with your body. 

  • Hold the Twisted Triangle Yoga pose for 15 seconds on each side every morning. This pose is good for massaging those digestive organs giving your gut more clarity to act from. 
  • Try soothing exercises like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, or swimming. 
  • Monitor your bread intake. Maybe try substituting gluten-free products. 
  • Try to substitute sweet addictive substances with sweet but low-glycemic foods like yams, sweet potatoes, oranges, etc. 
  • Allow your emotions to flow. Cry, laugh, smile, or do whatever you need to release the emotion. It does you no good to let the tension store in your body. 
  • Get into a daily exercise routine. 


Whatever way works for you, I invite you to REJECT that guilt to allow more room for energy to flow. Connect with your feelings and know that they aren't bad. 

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